What is Euromantic?

Euromantic is the best way to meet single men and women, whether in your city, your region, your country or in any other part of the world.


Do you want to meet someone who shares the same tastes and interests as you? Who practices the same sports? Who’s looking for someone like you? Euromantic is a powerful tool to help you to find the person with whom you can really connect. You can choose based on physical or geographical criteria, as well as in terms of tastes or hobbies you want to have in common with that special person.

At Euromantic you will find the person to begin your beautiful story with. Registration only takes a few minutes, and it’s free.

Tools are available on site to manage your peace of mind and privacy: you can easily use the "black list" function to make sure that only people you are interested in can contact you.

Also, feel safe that Euromantic will never share your contact information with anyone. Your email address, telephone number, and your real identity are all confidential data that will never be disclosed by Euromantic to other members of the site. You, and only you, decide which members can communicate with you.

You may notify us at any time about behavioral problems of a fellow member: Euromantic agrees to verify and analyze each of these alerts, and  will take all necessary steps to ensure that your time on Euromantic is as peaceful and productive as possible.



Euromantic offers a comprehensive profile questionnaire. The more complete your profile, the greater your chances of contact. Warning: any profile not completed (only user name) will be deleted after 15 days.

Publish at least 3 photos of yourself to make your profile more credible and attractive. A maximum of 5 pictures per profile is allowed. No photo = no chance of being contacted.

Do not wait for the other to move first. The more you contact people who seem to suit you, the more likely you are having an exciting meeting.

Try to contact a new person every day.

Respond to all messages you receive. Even if you don’t like the persons who contacted you, be polite, and let them know.

Remain polite and courteous. In case of repeated inappropriate behavior reported by other users, moderators will be forced to delete your profile.  A member will be banned from the site after three complaints from other users.

Most of all, relax, have fun, and enjoy the search for your soul mate.

  All the Euromantic team wishes you fruitful and successful meetings.